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Your Health Choice

Orchard Life™

 Health Centre with IYENGAR YOGA and PILATES Studio

Call: 07989403167 or email: [email protected]

Pilates at Orchard Life™, Midgham with Melanie Rickerby

Melanie Rickerby

Please contact Melanie on the mobile number/email address below for current information regarding times and availability of classes.

Having always led a healthy and active life style including walking, swimming and using the gym, Mels real passion is Pilates that which she shares with others through her excellent and intuitive teaching skills. Having practiced Pilates for many years and as a qualified mat teacher Mel continues to develop and enhance her teaching. Mel teaches mat Pilates to small groups and on an individual basis from the Orchard Life Studio.

Pilates can complement all aspects of life whether you’re a beginner or a top athlete. Pilates can improve your fitness and well-being by developing your alignment, breathing and core strength. The benefits include positive body awareness, increased flexibility, posture and balance through precise and controlled movements.

Please contact Mel for more information regarding group or individual classes.

Tel: 07776 482360

Email: [email protected]