Pilates compliments all aspects of life, whether you are a beginner or top althlete. Improving your fitness and well-being by developing your alignment, breath and core strengh. Benefits include body awareness, increased flexibility, posture and balance through precise and controlled movements.
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What is Pilates?

Pilates was originally developed by Joseph Pilates who continued to teach throughout his lifetime. The method consists of six underpinning principles, Concentration, Control, Centring, Flow, Precision and Breathing.

With regular practice Pilates improves flexibility, strength and balance. The emphasis of this system is on alignment of the body, control of the breath, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance.

Experience the benefits of Pilates

Strengthens your entire body

Pilates will help you to develop a greater awareness of your body through concentration and control. Focusing on the quality of the exercise helps build strength and stamina.

Improved posture and balance

In Pilates correct alignment is essential to the practice. By developing alignment and balance there will be improvements in posture.

Pilates is for everyone

Pilates is suitable for all ages and levels of ability and fitness. It can be modified and tailored to your needs. Mel will work with you to ensure the exercises are of benefit and best suited to you.

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Meet your teacher!

Welcome you to Pilates for You! I am Mel Rickerby the mat Pilates teacher at Orchard Life.

I am an experienced Pilates teacher and can teach all levels of Pilates from beginners to advanced. At Orchard Life I teach mat Pilates to small groups and on an individual basis.

I am qualified to an advanced level of teaching, qualified to teach older adults and use small equipment to support your practice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Pilates, please contact me to discuss a way forward.

I highly recommend you include Pilates into your life. From my experience I have seen a positive impact on students physical and mental wellbeing.

Pilates Class Timetable

Additional classes are available as well as individual and small private classes. There is a maximum of 10 in a class, which enables me to support everybody.
Last update:
March 8, 2022

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